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report corruption in sas va 7.3

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report corruption in sas va 7.3

i have just lost a report that required significant effort due to corruption of the object apparently due to trying to use a different data source in one of the tabs.

in doing a lookup of this error i see that it should have been fixed in 7.2.  i am in 7.3.


id like to make a suggestion to sas since it appears to be so easy to corrupt a working report,

please implement an auto versioning system in your product.


when a report is opened for EDIT, the system should auto create a backup.  the system should have a feature to retain the last X versions of the report.  


i am wondering what others are doing to minimize this bug in the system?  are you doing a manual save to another name each time you go in to edit the report?



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Re: report corruption in sas va 7.3

@mhamlett helpful suggestion: If you refer to a known problem in your post then it is a good idea to reference it. I had to go hunting for what I thought it might be and I found this:




Please confirm if this is the bug you think you have struck and also if you are getting the same error message or not.


Please also track this to SAS Tech Support and report any useful feedback here if you haven't yet done so. I'm sure there are many VA users on the community like myself who would greatly appreciate it.  

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Re: report corruption in sas va 7.3

per tech support.

the issue was fixable after sending an export of the report object.

the object was corrected and sent back.


there response....


This is actually a different problem than the change datasource issue you were referring to earlier.  I've only seen this specific problem one other time before and at the time we could not figure out what was done in the report to trigger the issue.


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