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proc REG not found

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proc REG not found

Hi ,


I have experienced that while calculating linear regression for my data, that Procedure REG not found in my Enterprise guide.


it means that no license for proc reg or the whole stat module is not exist? i faced same problem with Forecase as well.


But Anova is working..


thanks in advance!

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Re: proc REG not found

What licence do your have?

Office Statistics (or why did you post the question in the VA forum?)

proc setinit;


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Re: proc REG not found

what license means?
we do have same project VA and EG...thats why posted here..
what should i check after proc setinit,run;
i knew proc setinit;run; but what should i check? in the log?
other procedures are working (anova)
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Re: proc REG not found

SAS VA does not include all statistical procedures. REG is one of the ones not included.  

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Re: proc REG not found

Thank you!

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