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increasing data limit in list table

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increasing data limit in list table

I am facing issue wherein we have lot of records(approx 3 lacs) to be viewed
in List table.

I am only able to view 40000 records at the moment.

It shows only 50,000 records when exported in MS excel.

I have gone through SAS VA admin guide 7.1, we have to set properties in SMC
to increase the thresholds

The property used to increase the limit is:



This is used only for explorers.

I am not able to view the same setting in my SMC.

Is there is any option where we can increase the display limit in the Report
designer and Viewer?

Please suggest.

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Re: increasing data limit in list table

I can't help with this specific question. I do suggest that instead of posting basically the same question with one new piece of information to go to your original post and EDIT that one.

That will help keep from getting multiple threads of responses for you to check and/or keep from getting the same response multiple times.

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