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dynamic report, chose object on report based on control input

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dynamic report, chose object on report based on control input

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I want to create Report in SAS VA based on User input, Suppose I have add check box and list have four input (ALL, Bar Chart, List, Pie chart),

Select All then Bar Chart, List table & Pie chart should display on report,

Select Bar Chart then only bar chart should display on Report

Select Bar Chart & List then Bar Chart & List table should display on report.


And I want that position each object Automatically place on correct sequence.

if select All then object sequence

1st Bar chart 2nd List table, 3rd Pie chart

if select Bar Chart & List then object sequence

1st Bar Chart 2nd List table


List table have filter and passing parameter value in filter condition (like country ) for this I have added one drop down list and linked to Parameter So number of records will change in list table. Height of list table should adjust automatically and space between two object (list, Bar chart, Pie chart ) should be same.

Each object can use data from same table or individual LASR table.

Can I build such type of dynamic report in SAS VA without using Store procedure?



I want to add more input regarding my requirement. 

Suppose I have add two Drop down list ( 1st date (MMMYYYY) and 2nd (Transaction Category )


Transaction Category have 12 value ( Like AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD …..)


Each Transaction Category having maximum 4 channel ( Mobile, Online, Branch, Contact Centre)


For each Chanel I have to create one line chart (compare amount between current month (MMMYYYY) and same month value from last year ) , and cross tabulate ,

if selected Transaction Category have 4 Channel then I want to display line chart  and cross table for each channel. ( first 4 line chart then four Cross table in sequence)

In same way if selected Transaction Category have only 1 Channel then one Line chart and one Cross table I want to display of Section report.


I have try by using Stack Container with prompt container but I am not able to do as per my above requirement. Could you please suggest me how can I do in SAS VA ? In my current SAS Env. i can not use Sotre Process Smiley Sad  Thanks in Advance Smiley Happy






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Re: dynamic report, chose object on report based on control input

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You had 2 requirements.


Reqt 1 - I want to create Report in SAS VA based on User input


I don't believe it's possible to do that. I'm not aware of any settings that allow you to hide an object.


Reqt 2 - I want to add more input regarding my requirement.


You could place the values on the Lattice Rows/Columns and allow a prompt to do some of the work. When the user selects Phone and Web - then the Trellis only shows those categories.  The table would show the values.  You can remind the users that with a hover they can see the values and really don't need the supporting table information.  Also they can click and export the information if they cannot trust what their eyes are showing them.  (my editorial comment  Man Wink)


This solution may not match what you envisioned - it could meet your requirement.  



Good luck Tricia

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