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difference between VA log and output

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difference between VA log and output



I am trying to create a table using data step and then using proc print data and it contains for example, 10 values corresponding to a single row in one column separated by commas. so i tried the following code to shift values to next line (not in next row,in the same row next line ) i.e. carriarge return, in case of more than two values.


%if %sysfunc(mod(&i.,2)) = 0 %then xyz=strip(xyz)||"'"||strip(pqr)||"',"||'0A'x;
%else xyz=strip(xyz)||"'"||strip(pqr)||"',";;
call symput('xyz',strip(xyz));


so when i run this code in EG it shows correct values, two in one line, 5 lines in total. but when i run same sp in VA, it shows output in one row with all 10 values. 

when i checked log i VA, it showed values in same pattern as seen in EG, but it is not being given in VA output.

Is there any solution for this or is it any limitation?

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