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crowded data display in bar graph

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crowded data display in bar graph

When i am creating a bar graph having multiple measures,the graph goes crowded and feels irrelevant.Even if i am providing filters,in my case, two filter A and B, where A have multiple values of B and B is shown on bar graph.Every time i select option A all the values of B gets populated on graph.Is there any way so that graph is generated only after selecting certain values of B?

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Re: crowded data display in bar graph

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If you can provide some examples that would be great. Because from the way I see it, it seems like quite impossible since A and B have relationship with each other. So in order to blank out one of the measures it would be quite impossible. 


However, if there are no relationship between these two variables, then you can use filter to hide all the B data. But I dont think that would be the case. 


So the most important thing is to understand the purpose of your graph rather than the cluttered information (Although the view is important as well when it comes to presentation)

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