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copy display rules from one object to another

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copy display rules from one object to another

In SAS VA 7.3 is it possible to copy the display rules from one object to another in the same report section?

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Re: copy display rules from one object to another

You can create Shared Rules for gauges, and there is the concept of a report-level display rule. But you can't copy an individual display rule.


Report-level display rules


Shared rules for gauges


You also could apply the display rule to the object (for example, a list table), and then use the Imports tab to re-use that list table. The display rules are imported along with other settings such as filters.

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Re: copy display rules from one object to another

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My bar chart is populated by a parameter based button bar.

The bar chart Measure is a calculated item that pulls in the chosen measure based on the selected parameter.


With that I was able to create graph-level display rules that resulted in bars changing colors depending on the chosen parameter (with some problems, but it mostly works).


When I replaced the graph level display rules with Report-level display rules identical to the graph level display rules the bars do not display the color defined in the report-level display rule but instead remain the default blue.


In the Users Guide the report level display rule is simplistic (when measure = static stated value) while my display rule needs to work in a bit more complicated manner (when calculated item using many if/then statements = value found in another measure).


Attached is a screen shot of the report with the graph-level display rule and a screen shot of the report with the report-level display rule.


Any thoughts on how to get the report-level display rule to work would be great because the button bar drives all objects in the report not just the one bar chart, and I would like consistent colors displayed throughout the report. 


The part of the graph-level display rule that doesn't work is when there are multiple measures with the same value. Since the display rule is (chosen color when calculated item = value found in one measure) and since I have a different color for each of 10 possible measures, when multiple measures have the same value the color can come from any of the measures and the display rule doesn't always pull in the correct color. 

Note that for the Report-level rule the following attempts were unsuccessful (default blue remained):

custom category name = parameter name


calculated item = parameter name

Any help with this problem would also be appreciated. 

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