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change error message displayed at the login page

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change error message displayed at the login page


I want   to change   the   error  message  displayed  at  the   login page of  VA,     I  want  to  shows More
information about  of  error  displayed.  The   Authentication  Manager a  VA  is for LDAP   

Is   there an option to alter it   ?

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Re: change error message displayed at the login page

Oscar, I’m not aware of a way to customize the messages, but you can change the level of information provided in a way that might meet your objective.  There is a setting to ‘display failed logon hints’ that you should see from the Configuration Manager in the SAS Management Console.  This is set to ‘false’ by default so that sensitive security information like the existing of a userid isn’t displayed. That’s why you are just seeing a ‘bad username or password’ message.

If you set it to ‘true’, then you will start getting messages for errors that we can discern like an expired account, etc.

See page 137 in the 9.4 middle tier administration guide for more info: http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/bimtag/66823/PDF/default/bimtag.pdf.

Oscar, I hope this setting provides the additional information you need.  If not, would you contact Tech Support track and describe specifically what additional information is required?


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