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about word clouds

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about word clouds

Hello, all.


     Is it possible to use sas software to realize the effection of word clouds which satisfy the demands listed below:


1.  the shape of the word clouds can be defined, such as "man-shaped","bird-shaped",etc ...or permit any kind of pics that you have


2.  the attribute of the word clouds can be defined, such as the color, the size, the font, etc... 


3.  the display of every word in the clouds can be automatically adjusted according to the weight of the word in the data, such as frequency etc.


   I find out some online word clouds website can realize such demand, but I want to know whether the sas software can provide the same fuction.If it can ,how to?


  Thanks for anyone's help or suggestion! 

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Re: about word clouds

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Hello David,


1. It is not currently possible to adjust the shape of the word cloud.


2. The font size of the words is data-driven and indicates a value (for example, frequency.) The font family (for example, Arial) can be selected. The font color can be selected, or if a data item is assigned to the color role, the color is data-driven.


3. As mentioned above, the size and color of the words can be assigned to data roles.


Depending on your Visual Analytics license, you might also have access to Text Analytics, which provides additional metrics and features such as sentiment analysis.


I hope that helps,



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Re: about word clouds

Dear Sam, many thanks for you help and advices!

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