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Who's logged in?

I have a VA project that has a column labeled, "user_name". How can I filter what a user sees based on the username they used to log in to VA. I would like to create a "Data Source Filter" that simply checks the column in my data set to the user name of the person who logged in. like


  ???  'user_name'n = &_sysuserid   ???



I can't seem to find anything online that doesn't involve some kind of batch script process. This seems way complicated for a simple row-level, one-to-one (user_name to logged in user) relationship. Are batch scripts really the only way to do this? What happens when you have 5,000 employees with 135,000 customers that you want to be able to restrict what customer(s) an employee(s) can see.

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Re: Who's logged in?

The way to do this in VA is with row level security. You can't reference macro variables in VA as you are suggesting.


This post may be helpful explaining how to do this:


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