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Web SAS Environment manager missing Update Metadata option for tables

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Web SAS Environment manager missing Update Metadata option for tables

If the table or view that SAS is accessing is updated, I am having to log into the SAS server and run the Management Console to update the table's metadata. I go to the Data Library Manager, right click on the table and select Update Metadata.


I can see all the same information on the Web version in SAS Environement Manager, but there is no place (that I have found) to select Update Metadata for the table. This does seem to be a big ommission.


This is creating a headache for me, as this bottleneck any update of this type.

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Re: Web SAS Environment manager missing Update Metadata option for tables

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Hello @DrTwoLittle,


this is correct as far as I know. The metadata management from SAS Environment Manager is an on-development product and some functionality is missing from there. I always use the SAS Management Console, for interactive sessions, SAS Code and the batch tools to manage the metadata for the actions you would like to automate or schedule on batch.


I think in your case the headache is produced mostly by a misunderstanding on the tools. Perhaps it would be an idea to get a SAS Administration training course, to reduce your challenges.


An example: often the SAS datasets are changed by code that you control. You can automaticaly update the metadata of that dataset by running another piece of code after the data step such as:


proc metalib;
  omr (library="[INSERT METADATA LIBRARY NAME HERE]" metarepository="Foundation");

You can read:




Also, since you seem to work with Visual Analytics: http://support.sas.com/documentation/onlinedoc/va/7.3/en/vaag.pdf page 15) On the SAS Visual Analytics Administrator app, in the Folders panel/tab you can Register and Update Tables


Edit: just checked the documentation of the SAS environment Manager. Depending on the version, it should be possible to Update metadata on the Folders part ( https://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/evug/69029/PDF/default/evug.pdf page 24)


Hope it helps.


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