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Visualizing the information of a dynamically flagged customer

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Visualizing the information of a dynamically flagged customer


I have customer_database dataset as below:


I need to Flag these customers as "Risky Customers" based on a user selected filter on Category, and then display a table similar to the above one, for only the risky patients and ALL his categories.

So, the method I followed was as below:

1. Since I'm using the category column both for filtering and in the final detailed table, I cannot use the same data set for both the jobs. Thus I created a duplicate of the customer_database, say customer_filter.

2. I created the filter/control as well as an intermediate table (which is kind of hidden) in VA using this customer_filter dataset. In the intermediate table, I have Customer,sum by Quantity (aggregated) and Risk_Flag (aggregated) which are interacted with the Filter.

3. I created the final table with Customer, Category and Quantity from customer_database and interacting with the intermediate table via Customer.

However, if I don't select anything (Clear All) in the intermediate table, I'm seeing Customers who aren't Risky in the final table. If I 'Select All' in intermediate table, I'm getting only the Risky patients in final table.

I'd appreciate if anyone suggests me an alternative method or correction in this regard.


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Re: Visualizing the information of a dynamically flagged customer

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i'm not sure how "risk filter' is working. Is this just manual selection of group of customers, or additional category in the table?

Could you describe this in more datailed way? Maybe addinional printscreen or table?

Robert R.

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