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Visual Analytics || newbie

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Visual Analytics || newbie


I am just a SAS developer and just write codes, deal with datasets and totally new to SAS BI platfrom and having trouble while browsing SAS.com and SAS community for help, it took me complete one day to reach to this community. There is no one like SAS admin around who can help. My objective is that we would extract data from different data sources and clean up in SAS and finally generate few dashboards.

So, I need to know more information about SAS Visual Analytics like

1. how do I know if we already have it or not ?

2. If its up and running, how do I access it?

3. Does it have to be on internet or it can be accesses within intranet?

4. If its not available? What is the license fees?

5. If license is too expensive, then what other options we could explore.

I have no idea how does it work. So any help is appreciated. Sorry for too many questions!

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Re: Visual Analytics || newbie

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1. big chances you don't have it. How to know if you have it or not? ask IT ;-)

2. Trough the web URL. but unfortunately I don't know the typical address used.

3. No, internet is not necessary

4. That's a SAS question.

5. SAS Dashboard portal.

I think VA is like a bazooka for killing a mosquito it you're thinking to just generate a few dashboards. But if after this you think to analyse your data and let the business look after it and generate new reports SAS VA is a great tool!

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Re: Visual Analytics || newbie

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Sure thanks. I am afraid so and I am not sure of IT infra, sort of just on my own and couldn't find SAS BI Dashboard too. I was wondering if SAS had any Web platform for sharing BI dashboards, I could have utilized it.. but chances for Web BI dashboard are slim like you said.

For now, I will be looking for other economical BI platforms which can just utilize the SAS output. 

Thanks for help.

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Re: Visual Analytics || newbie

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Hi narenderrawal,

First of all, welcome to the VA community! We love having all of your questions. I will pass your questions along to some of our internal experts, but it looks like has given you some great feedback. Additionally, you may want to check out our current VA resources:



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