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Visual Analytics fundamentals.

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Visual Analytics fundamentals.

Hi All,

First of all i want to inform that i am a new in SAS systems, therefore asking some questions which seems for you as strange. 

1. I want to install Visual analyts in my Work we are the customer of SAS. Where can i download the installation file and documentation for Visual Analytics?

2. I am going install SAS VA in server which SAS Metadata is installed. Is it right or i need additional server for SAS VA. If my solution is right. Which method is a true installing all of them together or the firstly install SAS MetaData and SAS Enterprise Miner then install VA?


Thank you in advance!!!

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Re: Visual Analytics fundamentals.

Here is a good starting point for learning about Visual Analytics including the documentation:




To get a download of SAS VA you need to talk with your SAS Account Manager and firstly discuss your requirements. SAS offers a free sizing service for SAS VA so I strongly recommend you make use of this.


Since you are new to SAS the best advice I can give is to employ expert SAS installation help (SAS or third-party consulting) to guide you through the design and install process for SAS VA. Do NOT attempt this yourself as you will very quickly come unstuck. We recently installed SAS VA at our site. Our VA setup is quite simple but the design doc still ran to nearly 100 pages! We employed SAS Consulting Services who supplied both design and install specialists to get the job done. 



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