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Visual Analytics - Pie Chart - Color Selection

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Visual Analytics - Pie Chart - Color Selection

Hello All,


I'm working on creating a report where I have 8 different pie charts in one tab.  Responses are either Yes, No, N/A or Missing.


Issue: How can I format the colors for the pie chart? It seems as though the pie chart colors are designated by the number of responses.  How can I uniformally put all the Yes responses as Blue and all the No responses to Red? 


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Re: Visual Analytics - Pie Chart - Color Selection

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Hi, maybe this will work:

Make sure you have all the categories (Yes, No, Missing, create dummies for all) in your data for every chart.

Assign a counter variable and set it to missing for the dummies and to 1 for all real answers. Use this variable one for counting the answers.

Make sure the sorting is the same for all charts and that the color order are the same.

Hopefully this will make it work for you!


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