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Visual Analytics - Admin Reports - Missing emi-framework

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Visual Analytics - Admin Reports - Missing emi-framework

Good morning all,

I am trying to get the "Midtier performance" report working in Visual Analytics but it is loading with errors due to there being no underlying data available.


After a lot of reading up, i have traced this back to the autoload location not being fed the data to upload into VA.


After more reading up, this is due to emi not being enabled and therefore APM and ACM not running.


OK, we have a start point and all documentation then points to initialising it  (emi_init) and turning the services on and all will be well in the world, this is where my issue is and it appears that no-one else has ran into this!


I do not have an emi-framework folder on my VA box, everything i read says it should reside in ~LevN/Web/SASEnvironmentManager but when i look it is not there, curiously there is a directory for emi-client but alas there are no emi_init.sh files on the box either, so i am rather stuck.


Is anyone able to supply a little more information and maybe some documentation in addition to the multiple guides/tech docs/community questions I've be trawling? Should i be loading up Deployment Manager and adding emi-framework in? Would this affect any other services? Do i need to schedule maintenance and downtime?


Any help would be much appreciated and please let me know if i can supply any further information to help.



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Re: Visual Analytics - Admin Reports - Missing emi-framework

Hello @Greavesy,


you are in the good and proper track to solve the problem. Indeed, you need first to enable EMI and then enable APM.


Everything is documented here https://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/vaag/69958/HTML/default/viewer.htm#n0ztu074vadeuvn17a1h...

You will need to follow every step, including the links, specially at the bottom.


Now, you could check if you have /config/Lev1/Web/SASEnvironmentManager/emi-framework/ on your compute and/or web machine. If you do not have it, it could be that either your initial deployment did not include it (deployment plan file), or it was deleted by mistake afterwards, or just your SAS version is not including it. Therefore, please:


  1. Check if you have this folder or not on your system
  2. Check if it is in your deployment plan file (plan.xml)
  3. Check your version of SAS VA


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