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Visual Analytics 6.4 Ships Today!

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Visual Analytics 6.4 Ships Today!

SAS Visual Analytics 6.4 begins shipping today.

Having just shipped VA 6.3 in December, this was a very short development cycle for us, so the new feature list isn't huge.  However, we didn't want to make customers wait until our fall release for a few key features that we felt were important.

SAS Visual Analytics has always been about big data. SAS Visual Analytics version 6.4 gives customers an easier way to import data from more than 15 data sources, including two variants of Hadoop (Cloudera and Hortonworks), Aster, DB2, Greenplum, MySQL, Netezza, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, Salesforce, Teradata and Vertica (Oracle was supported in version 6.3). These data importers are available not only in VA Administrator and Visual Data Builder, but also to VA Explorer and VA Designer if the site administrator chooses to make the available.

Here's a couple of other lists of additions:

New in VA Explorer:

  • Percentage and ColorDecision Tree
  • User controlled rendering of visualizations
  • Preview sub-expression
  • Layout enhancements for Network diagram

New in VA Designer:

  • Custom colors across reports and sessions
  • Cancel query
  • Report font family, color and background color
  • Automatic date hierarchy
  • Layout and level properties for Treemap
  • Scatter on map
  • Hide custom graph templates
  • Lookup email address in metadata
  • Button to link to a Stored Process
  • Improved auto generated ranges for KPIs
  • Data panel shows data source for selected object
  • Display pie measure label as header
  • Refresh report to File menu
  • Alternate UI to make reordering sections easier
  • Self-service import data from databases and twitter

New in Visual Data Builder:

  • Improved twitter import
  • Parallel loading from Teradata, Greenplum, Oracle and Hadoop
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