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View SAS VA Reports on Wordpress Website

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View SAS VA Reports on Wordpress Website

Hi Folks,

Can we add the SAS VA reports on Wordpress website ?
I know one way which is mentioned here:

But here i have to give credentials for that specific report if i am not logged into VA,

So is their any other way like SAS VA Webpart (limited to MS Sharepoint only), where i don't need to give credentials and it will work like the token authentication or other way which is secured like the VA Webpart??
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Re: View SAS VA Reports on Wordpress Website

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Have you reviewed guest access in the Visual Analytics administration guide (it is briefly referenced in the linked blog)



"Guest access is an optional feature that provides anonymous access to a subset of resources and functionality. In guest access, there is no individualized authentication of the requesting user, so there are no requirements for individual user accounts or metadata identities. Instead, all guest users are authenticated as the same service account (the SAS Anonymous Web User). That service account functions as the single surrogate identity for all guest users. All guest users can see what the SAS Anonymous Web User can see, and do what the SAS Anonymous Web User can do."

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