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VA report- filter interaction

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VA report- filter interaction

I am using SAS VA6.3; I am novice to this product

I want to know how to set up global filters/control in reports OR how interaction across section can be set as “filter” instead of “link”

I have seen other similar posts on filters and response that the new 7.1 version will have these capabilities, our shop may NOT have this new version in near future, so can anyone please suggest a workaround to achieve this?

I want to create report with 4 sections/tabs and all 4 sections will be using different data/tables (I already have summarized data in four different tables instead of single huge combined source table)

Say I have common column “US STATES” in all the tables and I want a STATE list OR drop-down list in the first tab and if I select this control it should reflect the selection in all other sections, ie show only the selected state data.

If I include all tables in to a single section/tab, then I am able to have the “filter interaction” but once I move to different section it will drop the filter interaction WARNING-“If you move the object (List Table 2) to a different section, you will delete all of the interactions that are associated with that object.”

Interaction has an option like “Map data source”/link section with common columns, with this option, I am able to link to different sections using a common column, ie my case if I click on an object and then it will link to corresponding data in the next link, but linking is not related to filter or control, ie if I select two STATES from a list in the first section, I want those two selected states data only in all other sections too.

Note: I am creating reports and not exploration, in exploration I have seen global and local filter option but it is not available in reports and also it is not applicable to my scenario since I want users to select the filter while viewing the visualization.

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Re: VA report- filter interaction

Hi Ninan,

I use the section link to jump from a table with customers to the several other tabs that represent the customers data on several aspects.

As far as I know, there is no real other option in 6.3 and there is no way around it sadly.

So If you can create a first page with a table that consist of the selection criteria  (Cust_nr in my case), you can "jump" to the other tabs using this filter if present in the other tables used there.

This is basic functionality, but the idea about the filter approach might be the workaround. (As you already suggeted in your question)

Upgrade to 7.1 would be the most proper solution.

Greetings,  Peter

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