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VA: Values on y-axis disappearing

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VA: Values on y-axis disappearing


I am building a report in VA Report Designer and whenever I add a lot of vaues on the y-axis, some of the values disappear. For instance, if I add 100 values (names of marketing campaigns in my case) to the y-axis, only every other marketing campaign is shown. The y-axis is being reduced to 50 values to accomodate all values. The vertical bars in the graph area persist however (though they're very thin).


When I zoom in, the values show up again. But I don't want to have to zoom in.


Googled it and couldn't find anything. Can you guys help me out?



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Re: VA: Values on y-axis disappearing

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Hello PhilfromGermany,


In order to show the data without overcrowding, Visual Analytics will automatically reduce the amount of values shown. However, in Report Designer in the Properties Tab you can choose an option called, Show Overview Axis. This will allow you to see a window of values combined with the ability to scroll over to see all values within your data. This feauture is not supported on the Y Axis, therefore the variable representing Names of Marketing Campaigns would have to be displayed on the X Axis. 


Meredith Bailey 



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