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VA Info selective filtering on drill down

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VA Info selective filtering on drill down



I have a data set on which I am drilling down to the lowest level. When I have reached that lowest level I want to see a trend (last 6 months) of how that one value was progressing. My problem is that the filters used to get me to the lowest level are also filtering my Info Window, therefore I can't see the trend (the Reporting Date is my main filter).


Is there a way to limit VA from filtering certain columns when drilling down? (I want to limit the filtering of the interactions cut by the red line and keep the filtering of the green line interaction)



Report view.JPG



Interactions view.JPG

Here is what I want it to look like:


End result.JPGHere, the green interaction has been deleted (but now my line chart is not filtered by List Table 3 anymore).

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