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VA Hide Control Object in Report?

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VA Hide Control Object in Report?

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VA 7.3


Community, I've got a situation where I'm using some controls as 'hold variables' as it were holding lists of data if need be...which is why I use drop-downs.


The goal is for an individual to freely enter text for a course they're interested in, then the report produces all of the areas of study within the major that the desired course falls under.


Here's a sample source data:



In the example below, a user is interested in Kinesiology courses, but may not recall that major, only that they are currently interested in 'Athletic Training/Trainer'.


The top input box accepts 'Athl', and when they hit 'enter', I use a parameter to basically scan all the 'CIP_Title' values for anything that contains the values from the input box. This works, and to proceed in this example, I've simply confirmed 'Athletic Training/Trainer' in the drop-down.


This first drop-down has an interaction on the second drop-down and is assigned Major as the category, so the value in drop-down 2 is dynamic depending on what is selected in drop-down 1. Drop-down 2 here also passes the Major value out to a major_parameter.


Drop-down 3 then has a filter of Major = Major_Parameter, so its list is all the CIP_Titles that equate to the same major. In this example, we see the three titles we would expect for the major 'Kinesiology'.




The above works fine. A user can input the name of a title they're aware of, then VA uses these drop-down controls to filter the data to output all the other titles within the same major.


However...this is no good for a user. I would like a way for the middle two controls to either be hidden or handled in another manner so they aren't seen. Ideally, a user would have the input box, then the last drop-down list.


Is there a way to do this? Are there 'hidden' data types available to store these dynamic lists in? Can a container 'hide' a control so it isn't accessible to a user, but is to the report? I would even be satisfied if I could 'collapse' the objects enough with the pane sliders as to not be seen in the viewer.


What options am I missing?




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Re: VA Hide Control Object in Report?

It's hard to hide them completely...

I usually set size to 0 and all colors to the same as the background.

Also I place them in a corner where my users don't expect things to be places Smiley Happy


I have also tried to hide them behind an object, like a text box or image.


None of these are perfect, but workes ok for me!


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