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VA 7.3 html issue: unresponsive table layout

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VA 7.3 html issue: unresponsive table layout

Hello all,

I'm doing some reports in Visual Analytics 7.3.

The customer has to use these dashboards with different screen resolutions.

I looked inside the HTML and I saw that when I create a report with my 1366x768 resolution and i open it in a 800x600 screen the layout is not scaled well: the border of the object is scaled down, but the table's fields are too much large for that container.

The customer doesn't want use the scroll bar for the table object and wants a responsive layout such as Qlik view...

Is there a chance to modify something in the theme(css, json, java) to customize the use of VA 7.3 web app?

To be honest, I worked a lot with Visual Analytics, but the table object is always a pain with the customers unsatisfied.



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