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VA 7.3 Scatter Plot with Categorical Axis

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VA 7.3 Scatter Plot with Categorical Axis

Using VA 7.3 Report Designer, I'm trying to build a scatter plot that has a categorical x-axis and a continuous metric on the y-axis.  Is this possible?


SGPLot doesn't care if an axis is numeric or character.  I want the VA equivalent of:

proc sgplot data=sashelp.shoes;
  scatter x=region y=sales;



Looks like the VA scatter plot will only plot two continuous metrics.  Is there a way to put a categorical variable on the x-axis? 


All I can think is to make a numeric variable that is coded 1 through n for the n levels of my categorical variable.  And then use a custom format to label the values with 1 - n with the text from my categorical variable.  So for a above, I would make Region_N with values 1-10.  And the format would say 1="Africa" 2="Asia" etc.  But.. Ugh.



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