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Using ODS in VA 7.3

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Using ODS in VA 7.3



Is it possible to use ODS (ODS graphics etc) when implementing a report in the designer or a data-query in SAS VA 7.3?


Two reasons for asking:

  • If we could then xls outputs could be produced from 7.3 in modern mode.
  • We could implement programmable visualistions using SGPlot etc rather than the default graphs available via the UI. (I havent looked into the graph builder but maybe there is more control allowed here.)

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Re: Using ODS in VA 7.3


I would highly encourage you to look into Creating and Using Custom Graph Objects within SAS VA 7.3.

Using Interactive & Synchronized Graphs in VA are far more attractive than Static ODS Graphs.


Here are some additional resources to show you steps & examples of Custom VA Graph Objects

- Create Custom Graphs in SAS® Visual Analytics Using SAS® Visual Analytics Graph Builder

- How to Tell the Best Story with Your Data Using SAS® Visual Analytics Graph Builder


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Re: Using ODS in VA 7.3

Maybe a stored process can help you:



Note in 7.4 but should be similiar in 7.3



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