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Using Containers in SAS Visual Analytics

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Using Containers in SAS Visual Analytics

Is there a way to insert a horizontal container into a stacked container? I want to show two bar charts side by side. I currently have the bar charts in a horizontal container in another section than where I want to show them. My goal is to display the bar charts in a related section, within a stack container. The problem is, I can't seem to layer containers to be able to display the charts side by side within the stack container.


One bar chart shows the total degrees, and the other is for a subset of the degrees. I haven't figured out a way to recreate the two charts as one with lattice columns/rows without just splitting them STEM/Not STEM. Below is a screen shot of the side by side bar charts. I'm using 7.3. Any suggestions or work arounds? Thanks!


Total degrees vs STEM degrees side by side bar charts.PNG



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Re: Using Containers in SAS Visual Analytics

The user guide states that you cannot nest containers. [reference]


You could use a drop-down object to apply a filter to the data object so the user could choose to see it as with or w/o STEM.

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Re: Using Containers in SAS Visual Analytics

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Thanks Tricia.

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