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User defined formats in VA-does it impact performance?

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User defined formats in VA-does it impact performance?

I typically push formats to VA for things like segment names and departments.  For example:


proc format ;


value $cus_segf
'2'='2-One & Dones'
'3'='3-'Sale Seekers'
'4'='4-High Potential'
'6'='6-Loss Leaders'



This tends to reduce the size of the dataset in memory but does it impact performance?  Recently I applied formats to merchandise skus and saw the performance lag considerably (30-45 seconds w/ formats and less than 5 w/o).  The format code was long-maybe 10,000 plus rows.  Is there a rule of thumb for when it doesn't make sense to have certain formats associated w/ a VA dataset?  Is it OK when you have say 10 or 20 or 200 rows in the format code but when it hits a certain level (10K?) it slows the reporting down?  What are best practices for formating in VA?


Data size is not an issue here as I tested that.  Additionally, It seems that performance slows by about 50% with a small format file (response time w/o formats: 4 seconds, response time w/ formats 8 seconds)


Thanks for the help

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