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User access issue when having a mix of guest and non-guest VA reports

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User access issue when having a mix of guest and non-guest VA reports



In my organization's SAS VA environment, we have a mixture of reports accessible to guests and reports that require logging in as a named user.  We make these reports available to users via direct links on our organization's website (i.e., we use parameterized URLs as described in https://blogs.sas.com/content/sgf/2015/09/16/accessing-va-reports-with-parameterized-urls/).


For example, we have links on our site that look like:


Report 1 [accessible to guests]:  http://<server>:<port>/SASVisualAnalyticsViewer/VisualAnalyticsViewer_guest.jsp?


Report 2 [not accessible to guests]:  http://<server>:<port>/SASVisualAnalyticsViewer/VisualAnalyticsViewer.jsp?



The problem we're having arises when a user first visits a guest-access report and then tries to visit a privileged-access report.  By visiting the guest report first, they automatically become logged in as the SAS Anonymous Web User.  When they later try to open the privileged-access report, they get an error in VA ("The requested resource was not found on the server." - screenshot below) because they are stilled logged in as the SAS Anonymous Web User.


As a workaround, we've been telling users they need to first log out of the SAS Anonymous Web User account, then go back and click on the report link on our website again, at which time they get prompted for their credentials on the SAS Logon page; after entering their credentials, they can view the report as expected.


Is there any way to automatically log the user out of the SAS Anonymous Web User account and prompt for credentials when a user who is currently logged in as the Anonymous user tries to open a report that is not accessible to guests?


Or are there other ways to prevent the above issue from arising?


We considered having the parameterized URLs to the guest reports point to the normal viewer instead of the guest viewer (i.e., take "_guest" out of the URL), but then guest users are taken to the SAS logon page and have to click "Guest ->" before they can see the report (which creates a different training issue and a slightly less user-friendly experience for guests).







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