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Updating data source for report

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Updating data source for report

I have a report that uses 3 different data sources. These have been are uploaded to LASR from a local import. I now wish to update the LASR tables with the most recent data. But what is the easiest way to do this? If i choose refresh, nothing happens. If I try to load the data again, I get an error message stating that I do not have permission to replace the existing table, and get the option of renaming it. But then I would have to replace every reference to the table, essentially buildin the report again from scratch. How can i easilly update the report?



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Re: Updating data source for report

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If you did a local import, say from an Excel spreadsheet, then you would need to import the spreadsheet again to pick up the new rows. Then, refresh in Visual Analytics should work to pick up the new data (if it is not automatically picked up).


If you don't have permission to re-import the spreadsheets, then either the person who originally imported will need to repeat the action, or an admin can give you permission to do it. To load or import you need the following:


  • ReadMetadata on the LASR server
  • ReadMetadata, Read, WriteMetadata, Administer on the library
  • ReadMetadata, Read, WriteMemberMetadata, Write on the folder


 See Permissions: LASR Tables and Servers in the Visual Analytics Admin Guide:




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