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Unriddle encoding in SAS Visual Analytics

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Unriddle encoding in SAS Visual Analytics

In working between SAS 9.4 and SAS Visual Analytics 6.3 environments with different default system encoding options we came across an encoding issue. Here is how we unriddled it...  http://bi-notes.com/2014/01/sas-visual-analytics-6-3-tip-encoding-data/ Have you resolved an encoding issue? Please share...

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Re: Unriddle encoding in SAS Visual Analytics

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Hey Michelle,

I've had a similar issue with VA 6.2 in utf-8.

My original formatting was in latin-9. The target tables were always missing the german umlaut (ä,ö,ü, etc).

An additional issue in my case was the column length. Because of the additional length an umlaut needs, the program crashed on each row where the defined length did not suffice for the new formatted value.

My solution was to simply resize the columns.

Besides this problem my approach was the same.

thx for sharing Smiley Wink

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Re: Unriddle encoding in SAS Visual Analytics

Hi ,

Thanks for for sharing your experience. Good tip about increasing the length to accommodate for the umlaut. Hopefully by sharing we help others in the community resolve their encoding issue in a more timely manner.

Kind Regards,


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