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Unexpecte $hex format assignment

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Unexpecte $hex format assignment

Hi all,

I have a dataset with a seemingly normal string type category in SAS VA (it contains first and last name of employees, separated by a space). Somehow this category is assigned the $hex format. I cannot change it and it makes the category useless in the report since it displays the content in hexadecimal format.

Can anyone share some insights on this?

many thanks!

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Re: Unexpecte $hex format assignment


How did the table get loaded into SAS Visual Analytics? It sounds like you may have some unrecognizable characters in the source table that is causing SAS Visual Analytics to automatically use the $hex format. What was the source table? If it is a SAS table, what encoding is the table.

Do you have access to SAS Enterprise Guide to look at the source table and table in your LASR library to do a proc compare? I suspect there is an extra character(s) somewhere in the column that is causing this and you may need to do some pre-processing/cleansing before the table is loaded into SAS Visual Analytics.

Some references that may help:

41929 - How to search a variable for any character that may be an unprintable character or not a sta...

SAS(R) 9.4 Functions and CALL Routines: Reference, Third Edition - NOTPRINT Function

Let us know how you go with your investigation.

Kind Regards,


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