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Uncompress Data while Loading to LASR from HDFS

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Uncompress Data while Loading to LASR from HDFS


I am trying to load data from HDFS to LASR in SAS VA using PROC LASR.

In HDFS we have data in compressed format, however when loading it in LASR I want the data to be in uncompressed format.

Basically I want this is because the I want to have the HDFS as the backup storage, so want to have data in compressed format there but in LASR it should be uncompressed.

Is there a way this can be achieved?

SAS VA version is 7.1 and LASR Analytic Server is 2.4.



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Re: Uncompress Data while Loading to LASR from HDFS

Hi Shivam, the data is memory mapped so if it is compressed on disk, it will be compressed in memory as well. Depending on the lifecycle of your data, you might consider keeping the data uncompressed while it is "fresh" and in use a lot, then later compressing it for backup. For example, you might be using the current year's data frequently now but using the previous year's data less frequently so you could consider compressing the older data.

Hope that helps,


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