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Calcite | Level 5

I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue we have encountered after upgrading our SAS Server in our organization.

The problem we are facing is related to the Autoload functionality, which is not loading files into the Autoload directory as expected. Upon investigation, we have come across the following log errors:

"No matching SASLibrary objects found. (RC=-4 )

ERROR: LASR Auto Load directory MISSING does not exist.

ERROR: LASR Auto Load directory MISSING\Logs does not exist.

ERROR: LASR Auto Load directory MISSING\Append does not exist.

ERROR: LASR Auto Load directory MISSING\Unload does not exist.

ERROR: LASR Auto Load directory validation failed.

ERROR: Ensure that connection to metadata server is configured properly

ERROR: and that the proper autoload folder structure exists. "

In order to address this issue, it appears that I need to make some changes in SAS Environment Manager Administrator. To access SAS Environment Manager Administrator, I used the credentials "sasadm@saspw" for the page located at "" However, I am encountering difficulties logging in, as I receive an error message stating that the username or password is not valid. It's worth noting that I was able to log in successfully and automatically to the SAS Environment Manager Administrator in old SAS server.

I am relatively new to SAS, and I am in need of your expertise and guidance to resolve this issue. Could you please provide assistance in the following areas:

  1. SAS Environment Manager Login: Please assist me in resolving the login issue with SAS Environment Manager Administrator. If necessary, provide instructions on how to reset or verify the credentials.

Your prompt assistance and support in resolving these matters are greatly appreciated, as they are crucial to the smooth operation of our upgraded SAS Server.

Thank you in advance for your help, and I look forward to your guidance

Opal | Level 21

Given the importance of your problem, please open a SAS Tech Support track if you haven't done so already.  This should get you a faster response.


Normally I would log into SAS Environment Manager using my own personal account which has SAS administrator permissions.


If you need to contact SAS Technical Support -- -- please use the form and provide the requested information such as company name, site number, product, version, operating system, and the description of your problem. 



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