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Translations in SAS Visual Analytics

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Translations in SAS Visual Analytics

I'm experiencing a lot of difficulties for making translations for reports in SAS VA.


For example:


My browser is set in English. I develop the reports with SAS VA in English, but I have to create the reports in NL (dutch) and FR (french).


So when I create the report in my mother tongue Dutch, in an english browser the language is EN_us.


But it could be that someone his browser is set to Dutch, so i have to copy the EN_US to NL. And then i have to translate the NL to FR.


In the end i have 3 language files i have to maintain? Each time a label changes, i have to change it 3 times. It's not really friendly/easy to use.


Any best practices, tips?



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Re: Translations in SAS Visual Analytics

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Re: Translations in SAS Visual Analytics

Hi @Filipvdr,


There's a whilte paper by Will Ballard and Elizabeth Bales called One Report, Many Languages: Using SAS Visual Analytics to Localize Your Reports that you might find helpful.  (It's based on a SAS Global Forum paper they presented.)  The paper's content is applicable for the 7.1 - 7.4 releases.


Hope this helps,




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