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Time on charts/plots in proper format

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Time on charts/plots in proper format



I will be really gratefull for help, because after three days I have run out of ideas.

I would like to present ending times of some processes on timeseries plot.

X axis should be the date (here everything is fine) and Y axis should be the corresponding time to this date. 

Unfortunetelly I am not able to do that without converting time format to numeric (only one way to convert time to measure and implement that on plot) which is not good enoough to present.


So the first question is --> is there any plot which allows me to present data in wanted way?


Secondly --> I have an idea to convert time format variable to integer, but not like amount of second from 00:00:00. Rather like below:


                08:37:23 (time format) --> 83723 (numeric) --> 8:37:23 (numeric with colon as decimal)


After carying out these steps and load data into lasr everythig should work, but i can't convert  time data properly in last transformation.

I am putting code below which partialy doing what i want, but colon is not on right places. At least is numeric and has colon, so it must be possible Smiley Happy


proc format library=work;
picture mysep

0 - 999999 = '000:000:00' (decsep=':' dig3sep=':');


data test;
x= 123456;
format x mysep.;


Thank you very much for your help.





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Re: Time on charts/plots in proper format

Please do not post the same question more than once. You have already posted this question and received an answer here: https://communities.sas.com/t5/General-SAS-Programming/Time-to-numeric-with-colon-separator/m-p/4845...


All further comments should go to the other thread as well.

Paige Miller
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