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Test a parameter in VA 7.3 to be Null

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Test a parameter in VA 7.3 to be Null

using va 7.3

placed a table object on designer

i have two section filters using text boxes defined as parameters


i have defined a filter using the parameter.

(comment contains 'parameter1'p OR comment contains 'parameter2'p)


the issue is is parameter2 is not coded it seems to select all records from the lasr table anyway because it seems it is selecting all comments that have a blank.  i only want to select records based on a valid entry in the parameter text box.



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Re: Test a parameter in VA 7.3 to be Null

Hi mhamlett,


You need to identify if parameter2 is missing or not and depending on this execute an expression, see below as example I use UpCase (can also Lowcase) to prevent any mismatching due to upper or lower case used in text(search)field.


IF ( 'Parameter2>'p Missing )
RETURN ( UpCase('comment'n) Contains UpCase('Parameter1'p) )
ELSE ( ( UpCase('comment'n) Contains UpCase('Parameter1'p) )
OR ( UpCase('comment'n) Contains UpCase('Parameter2'p) ) )


hope it helps

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Re: Test a parameter in VA 7.3 to be Null

thought i tried this MISSING feature, but always got some BOOLEAN error.

ill try again


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