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Test T in a VA report

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Test T in a VA report

Hi everone!

Today I'm asking you if there is a way in SAS VA to automatically compute a Test T.

I have 2 distributions in 2 bar charts and I'd like to compare the propotions of each bar just by clicking on them and view somewhere the t-value or the p-value, or something else, I don't mind.

Maybe I could create a new variable with the T value, but can SAS VA do this by its own? Because actually there is an additional problem: my two distributions are on two different data souces, and I don't know how to put variables with different origin in the same formula.

Can you help me?



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Re: Test T in a VA report

Hello Irene,

In VA 7.1 and later, there is an aggregation called "T-statistic (for Average = 0)". Does that help?

The available aggregations in 7.1 (and later) are listed here:


For the second part of your question, unfortunately you cannot use two data sources in the same expression. You should perform a merge in your data preparation if you want to use the data items from two data sources together in the same data expression or report object.

Hope that helps,


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Re: Test T in a VA report

Hi Irene,

Just to add to Sam's information, here are a few links that might be helpful to you when you prepare your data:

- Creating a data query (which you can use as the source of your report):

SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.1: User's Guide

- Joining tables in a data query:

SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.1: User's Guide

Best regards,


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