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System Requirements SAS Real-Time Decision Manager

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System Requirements SAS Real-Time Decision Manager


I'm new SAS Real-Time Decision Manager and I'm installing it on my Lab to test before installing to my customers.

But I do not understand about System Requirements SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager so much.

So I'd like to ask you about Infustructure of hartware, softw, ram, cpu.... to install it.

I have designed it as attached file, please see it and tell me that I can install it with content in attached file.

Thanks so much!


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Re: System Requirements SAS Real-Time Decision Manager

Did you do a sizing exercise with SAS to come up with your attached design? If you did then you should have confidence in your design. If you didn't do a sizing exercise then I strongly recommend you do one, and also call on SAS Technical help for any architecture you are not sure about.


Since you haven't provided any business requirements it is near impossible to give any useful feedback on your design specifications. 

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