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Sum If

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Sum If

Hi All,


Another newbie question I'm afraid!


I was trying to create a butterfly chart in VA, I manged to create the chart using graph builder but got stuck at defining measures. My data is very basic:


Staff_ID, Gender, Grade


I want one side of the chart to show male and the other female. How do I create a male and female measure? (Grade will be the category)


In MS Power BI I would just do calculate(counta(staff_id),gender="male") and that would create a measure that shows a sum off all males based on the context of the chart/table.


Many thanks



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Re: Sum If

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Phil, I am trying to visualize your data. So the grade will be the categorical value like an 'A', 'B', 'C', etc. or is a number that is treated as a category?  Would you please give me a sample of couple of lines of the data? Also, when you say you used the Graph Builder, did you use the Butterfly example with no changes?  Thank you, Shannon

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Re: Sum If

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Yes the grade will be categorical 


A sample of the data could be


Staff_ID, Gender, Grade






Yes I did pick the butterfly example with no changes.



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