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Stretching, scroll bars, and browser windows. Setting a fixed screen size?

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Stretching, scroll bars, and browser windows. Setting a fixed screen size?

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I am trying to design a report that will look good regardless of screen size containing multiple graphs and images.

Is there a way to design a report like one would design a website? Establish the target audience mean screen size, for example 1024x768, and make-up the report in the editor in this amount of screen estate fixing all objects to specific location and with a specific size.

Now when I try to do this changing the size of the screen will either give me scrolling bars or it stretches and squashes graphs and images. Either way it looks terrible.

I thought of fixing this by resizing my images in advance and using the precision lay out in the editor. If I make up my report nicely in the editor and im satisfied with the result I open my viewer to be treated to a report with incredibly tiny images that arent in a location where I wanted them to be with blank space between the objects. Untill I resize my browser window to be the size of the editor's work canvas. This always full screen behaviour, resizing and reshaping items, to me does more harm then that it is usefull.I havent had a chance to view my report using one of the mobile apps on a tablet yet but I am pretty sure there I will have the exact same issue. Designing two versions, one for mobile users and one for desktop users seems to much unnecessary hassle also.

Is there any way to get around these problems? Or design as one would design a website? I want to guarantee that all customers will receive the exact same aesthetically pleasing report regardless of their device, screen or browser window size.

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(SAS VA 6.4)

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