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Stored Process Execution on LASR server

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Stored Process Execution on LASR server



I have a requirement to execute a stored process in SAS VA which will perfrom some intensive computations.

According to my understanding (and online expressed opinions by experts) the stored process will be executed on the workspace server or stored process server, which will involve transferring the data from LASR server to these servers.


Is there any way I can make the stored process execute on the LASR server so that all the computation happens there and I can leverage on the LASR server capabilities.






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Re: Stored Process Execution on LASR server

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yours is an interesting question. Unfortunately, LASR is a service for rapid access to the data, not for executing computations.




The SAS LASR Analytic Server is an analytic platform that provides a secure environment for concurrent access to data. It loads the data into memory across the computing nodes of a SAS High-Performance Analytics Server. The SAS LASR Analytic Server executes on the SAS High-Performance Analytics Server root node with worker nodes across the appliance that read data into memory in parallel very fast.


SAS VA is intended for reporting, not for calculations. If you want to make calculations/queries/transformation, you can do them in a different SAS server, prepare the final data for the report, then load the data into SAS VA.


There are some other options to take benefit of your high amount of RAM memory and to improve the performance of your sas code and resources, but I would recommend you to contact SAS Technical Support team, to ensure your intensive calculation process won't generate technical issue on your SAS VA server, and even more important, to the report consumers.

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