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Stop bubble Geo Map zooming

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Stop bubble Geo Map zooming

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I have a heirachy set up on the map, which works fine .


But I when drilling down on the map I do not want the map tp scroll in to the area where there are cases located.


I just want it to show the full world map (with the bubbles over the area) without zooming in to the area of the world where there are cases. It is even worse when there is only one country with cases.


I need it to show the full world map at all times - even when a country is selected.  


I would also like for the map to size itself so that it shows all of the countries only once each.


Is there anyway to do this?

Drill down.PNGWorld.PNG
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Re: Stop bubble Geo Map zooming

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Hi Julia,


I don't think there is any way of changing the zoom behavior when drilling down, sorry.


You can zoom back out manually, of course, but I realize that is a hassle.



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