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Specify Classic View via URL parameter?

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Specify Classic View via URL parameter?

Hi All

We are currently on SAS 7.3 and we have users who wish to download data via Excel.  Currently that cannot be done in the Modern viewer and requires users to manually switch to the Classic view and then download.  


Is it possible through a URL parameter in a link to have a report open in the Classic View?  We know we can set all reports to Classic through the administrator but we would prefer not to do that and be able to switch a report on a case by case basis without requiring the user to make the switch themselves.



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Re: Specify Classic View via URL parameter?

I'm fairly sure this isn't possible, but I'm hopeful that the next version of VA will allow exporting regardless of the type of View. If that happens then your problem disappears.

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Re: Specify Classic View via URL parameter?

Hi @dakuwan,


I would advise you to share this question with your SAS Technical Support. As indicated by @SASKiwi, that functionality is not currently implemented, but SAS TS might give you a workaround or indication on when it might be expected to be released.


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Re: Specify Classic View via URL parameter?

Thanks for the replies.  I suspected that this was the case but figured it was worth a shot to find out.  From my searching it seems like this is a pretty requested feature for the  modern view so hopefully it'll come out soone than later.  I will pass on my question to support as well and see if i hear anything back.


Thanks again.

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