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Sorting based on a not shown column

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Sorting based on a not shown column



We are facing a situation maybe you can help us with. We are using SAS Visual Analytics 7.3 (maybe in a higher version is possible).


In SAS VA Designer we would like to sort a "List Table" table object but based on a column not shown in the "List Table". It's a requirement not to show that sorting variable.


We tried to build a "Custom Order" but we are facing limitation to less or equal 25 categories whereas we have many more categories so it does not seem we can address our requirement apparently with this approach.


Is there any way to sort the "List Table" based on a hidden column or anything we can do to fulfill our requirement?



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Re: Sorting based on a not shown column

Option 1:
You can try sorting the table by the field you want before loading it to the LASR library and see if it works.
Option 2:
Link your report to a stored process that sorts the data and outputs the list you want in a new page
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