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Sort not working on when using lattice columns

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Sort not working on when using lattice columns

I have a Line Chart that I need to use two sorts on. One is Test Period, the other is Grade Level. The test periods are:

BY, MY, EY (Begin Year, Mid Year, End Year). Since Test Periods is not alpha, I use a custom sort, however when I use it in a line chart as a lattice, then the sort does not work.


I tried to go into eg and change the names to spacespaceBY, spaceMY, and EY before I load the table to LASR, but that does not work either. I can not seem to figure out what is going on. If I can figure out how VA treats these values when used as a lattice column, I can try to desing a work-around, but I equally do not understand why VA drops the custom sort when lattice column is used. I tried to drop the custom sort and use Ascending/Descending sort on the graph itself, but alas, that did not work either.


 Any help?


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