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Solar Energy Dashboard

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Solar Energy Dashboard

Hi all,

I am starting a new project on exploring Solar Energy Analytics and I'm trying to build a dashboard out of it and I would like to get some idea on the potential use case and design for it.

The objective is to:

  1. Monitor the harvesting of solar energy
  2. Monitor the efficiency of the panel
  3. Identify and analyse factors that influences the amount of solar energy harvested

Wonder if there is anyone in the community have some sample that are similar or remotely near to what I'm looking for and is able to share/advice me on it.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Solar Energy Dashboard

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A good first step would be to check out the products already available, such as:

AlsoEnergy - Solar PV, Solar Monitoring, & SCADA Solutions AlsoEnergy

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Re: Solar Energy Dashboard

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Have a look at SAS' page on this to get some ideas.

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