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Size of the section prompt

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Size of the section prompt

Hi Community !


I have a question regarding the size of the section prompt. Is there a way to increase its size ?

Or even better is there a way to organize the objects that we want to place in the section, in two lines by examples ?


Actually, I am creating a report and I want to have 6 drop-down list and 1 button bar. In the ideal world, the button bar should be beneath the differents drop-down lists. Today, I got everything on one list, csq the texts from the button bar are not fully display on screen....


(PS: I can't use the report prompt for thoses objects)


Many thanks in advance Smiley Happy



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Re: Size of the section prompt

It is not much you can do in the both prompt areas defined by VA.

I usually create my own prompt by adding list objects and aranging them just beneath the report prompt section. Then I add interactions with the other objects. In that way I can choose size, labels and order.

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