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Setting User Standards for Reporting

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Setting User Standards for Reporting



I'm considering setting standards for VA users within the organisation as to what they can and cannot do within VA, such as how they should name reports, what folders to use etc.


An example being some users when naming reports always start it with * so that it stays at the top of the folder and avoids them having to scroll down. However, this is kind of annoying to look at for me, and as I control the infrastructure and VA, I want to stop it. Other things I'm considering are making report names clear so other users know what they are, and if using the Temporary Sharing Area folder, it has to be removed within a certain amount of weeks.


Does anyone else in other organisations have standards for VA that they either have to adhere to, or that they've set themselves for users?


Just looking for ideas on it, and is it worth doing? I've found there's a lot of reports being built up and looking at modifying dates, aren't being changed at least, and just want to make things cleaner.




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