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Selecting Multiple Items in a Control

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Selecting Multiple Items in a Control

Is there a way to set a control on a section to select multiple items at once to apply to the items below?  So for instance, if I go to Insert -> Controls -> and then Drop-Down List, drag that to the top where it says "Drop Controls here to create a section prompt".  I want to be able to select multiple items.  Is there any way with any control or filter available to accomplish this?

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Re: Selecting Multiple Items in a Control

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Hi Evin.

There are at least two options to choose from.

1.)  Use the list option from the controls. Now you can select any combination of items as you like.


2.)  Use multiple selection in the Pie chart.  While pressing the CNTRL key you can select one ore more pies from the piechart that is linked to the other bar and table via interactions.  (This works on any object, even list tables)


Thats how I do it now. This is within VA 6.2.  I am not shure if there are new options in 6.3.


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Re: Selecting Multiple Items in a Control

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That should work for what we're trying to do.  Thanks for helping out!

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