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Search functionality in Hiearchy Report

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Search functionality in Hiearchy Report

Hi ,


Engaged with a client who is into Energy trading, and using PowerPivot,   wherein they access most of the report via Excel,  one of the functionality which is provided is a search for value with a dimension, the client is also looking for a similar functionality when he is viewing an hiearchical report in SAS VA,  


I thought that we had the filters avialable in the report, but some how i couldnt see the same in my report,  


Please do guide if i have got it wrong, or any possible approach.




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Re: Search functionality in Hiearchy Report

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Here's my suggestion and I realize there are some issues with this one - but you can figure out a way to overcome them.


  1. Build the hierarchy.
    Mine is Product > Problem Code > Resolution Code.
  2. Added two Text Input objects - 1 for Problem Code and 1 for Resolution Code.
  3. Now the hierarchy collapses and you can see your choices.




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